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Happy Pi-Day to everyone !

Today is the internation day of Pi (3/14) where we promote and celebrate the spirit of number Pi ! Make pies, have parties (despite the dark news), take pictures and send them to me so that I can put them on my famous page about the Pi-Day !

At work, we had brownies and we organized a snack-party about Pi ! And you ?


Hello everyone !

 Finally, this French website has been translated into English !! Yeahhh ! Many many thanks to Florian Bouyer (first prize), David Jelgersma, Guillaume (Bobest3g), Thomas Robitaille and myself ;-). Since some (all) of these translators were not English-native speakers, I have to ask you to be VERY tolerant regarding the quality of English. If you have time and if you like these pages, any help to correct the English would be very much appreciated, please contact me.

Also, be aware that 50% of the content of pi314.net is more than 10-years old, at a time when the web was still mostly in version 1.0 and when Google had just achieved its first round of equity funding. Thus, this website has to do neither with advanced interfaces nor with blogging, twittering, facebook, Wikipedia or others social modern ideas. Pi314.net is just a personalized collection of 170 pages about the most wonderful number in the universe (to me... no, it really is): Pi. In other words, let's forget about the soulless Pi's page of Wikipedia !! :-) (ok, all right, I like it all the same but it's depressive, isn't it ?)

In this website, you will find here and there some numbers like Axxxxxx which refer to the great website of Neil Sloane : Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. For instance, you can find Pi's digits here A000796.

Finally, Pi Lovers are encouraged to write and propose new pages on Pi ! Most recent ones by myself have been written using a LaTeX template ( LaTeX template, LyX 1.3 template, about LyX) then converted by Tex4ht from LaTeX to HTML. Thus, in a nutshell, you can send me a LaTeX file with something nice or fun about Pi and roughly following the above template and I will include it in the website (with your name of course) after having converted it. See for instance a page from a great guy with lots of good ideas.


Pi news !

That was the 2018 Pi-Day !

Jonathan Borwein passed away suddenly on August 2nd, 2016, at 65... :-( He was the father of experimental mathematics and he showed a deep interest into Pi as shown on his page... This is really a great loss for the community !


Remember that in december 2009, Fabrice Bellard broke a new Pi-record: the greatest number of digits computed on a personal computer (2700 billions !!). See here the details about this wonderful record ! Well, this record was broke by Alexander J. Yee & Shigeru Kondo on 2010, august 2nd with 5000 billions ! See here the announce and here for details. Well, as a personel computer, it is a monster (see on right) with 12 cores, 96GB of memory and 39TB of hard drive storage. Not exactly the personal computer of everyone...


I still can't believe it but I finally published a research paper on Pi with Jesús Guillera ! :
Construction of binomial sums for π and polylogarithmic constants inspired by BBP formulas, Appl. Math. E-Notes, 7(2007), 237-246.

News of the website

- I'm looking for people correcting and improving the english on this website. If you like this website and even have a few minutes, thank you in advance for your help.

  • Again, a new algorithm from Benoit Cloitre in an Archimedes fashion !!
  • A new algorithm from Benoit Cloitre in a continued fraction fashion
  • New pages Links, Bibliography and Poems entirely as databases. Thus, you can leave comments and propose your own poems, links or books !

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If this is the first time you're visiting (or even if you're used to come !) it is possible that you are confused with my messy website... Innovation (absolutely...), I made a sitemap available in order to access the wanted webpage quickly ! If you're looking for a given word, do not hesitate to use the search engine at the top of this window

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Boris Gourévitch / CNPS Lab, CNRS, Université of Orsay, Paris XI, France

The World of Pi - Version 2.57
Updated 13/04/2013

* Last changes :
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