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Images- Wallpapers on Pi

After all, even if I'm not a graphic designer, I often look for beautiful images involving Pi on the web (I meant big images, or artistic...) There is no reason that I should be the only one! But I have to admit that this area is very poor maybe nonexitance...

Here is what I could find and my few trials, excluding the small images on my site, that I made about two third, and so that you won't find elsewhere (normally!) Such as the turning-Pi and the Earth on the home page, as well as the image above.

To avoid "stealing" what is best done with the sites dedicated to Pi in the world, which won't be right, I had chosen for a few years to offer tabs of the images, and a click on it would send you on the page where the image was. Unfortunatly, the web is so dynamic that many links stop working... I was forced to link directly to the image. The image's website is of course still indicated if possible. If an author does not like this sincere arragement, he should contact me.

My little creations

The universe of Pi
format 548*324 (original) Quality :
Very good 120Kb Average 44Kb
format 17" Quality :
Very good 404Kb Average 132Kb
format 15" Quality :
Very good 260Kb Average 84Kb
format 14" Quality :
Very good 192Kb Average 64Kb

Pi in the sky
format 567*325 (original) Quality :
Very good 204Kb Average 28Kb

To Pi or not to Pi ?
format 17" Qualité :
Very good 872Kb Average 144Kb
format 15" Qualité :
Very good 580Kb Average 80Kb

format 17" Quality :
Very good 188Kb Average 44Kb
format 15" Quality :
Very good 168Kb Average 832Kb

If you ever want to adverise me (one can dream), I have a small banner that you can install (reduce, rework...):

In format 460*80 :

You can visit the page on the mathematal journal of the University of Alberta in Canada Pi in the Sky from which certain image that follows are taken from





52Kb (taken from an idea by Eve Andersson)


On other Web pages:

(469x469) Dara's Pi page

(279x400) Yves Chiricota from Montréal (1995)

(203x256) Robert Crumb




(217x267) Dara's Pi page

(144x141) Dara's Pi page
(no, the American's have no shame....)

(400x469)  Michel Guetali's page




(251x212) Digit Connection / LooseTooth

(156x181) Givenchy

(250x90) Rationnal or irrationnal ?




(436x310) Friends of Pi

(386x380) Les Amis de Pi

(75x75)  Mark Dettinger's page




(325x325) Digit Connection / LooseTooth

(400x300) Verbose.net's page

(161x102) Philippe Chessa
(unknow origin)


Pi dans le désert

(500x240) Eve Andersson (cute, no?)

(1024x768) Olivier Noël ( a friend of Uruguay)

(386x352) On a book critic 


(350x250) The club of Friends of Pi

(animé, 150x150) A membre from the club of Pi

(176x151) A comic by Charly Brown


(536x150) A original creation by Christian Radoux


(200x140) WNet School

(106x93) Andres Magnusson's page

(250x195) Givenchy
(loads more image on this site...)




(150x70) Mike Keith's page

(100x120)Pi day

(288x101) Gifs by J.M. Borwein


(400x512) Flying Pi (Work by Renée Othot for Simon Plouffe's birthday, 1999)

(800x600) Cow-Pi
(P. Borwein's page)

(800x600) GLS-Pi
(P. Borwein's page)



(800x600) Pi Henge
(P. Borwein's page)

(430x281) A pi-lone ! (J.P. Cassou)
(302x202) Apple Pi ! (unknown site)

Finnally, different banners :

A personal creation :

A nice banner for Ramanujan's glory, that we can easily make on http://www.cooltext.com

This page is only at is beginning and will grow I hope as the years go on during my lost moments or my research on the web.
I say it agan, so that you are sur, don't hesitate to send me even large images, no problems (even 10Mb).

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