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Boris Gourévitch
The world of Pi - V2.57
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The page for pi-holics !
(to be taken in moderation...)

Hey, I have been itching to do this page for a long time... in a word, the real amateurs of Pi will drop their mask ! Because this page gathers games, quizz and other small delirium around Pi. Pi is not only a mathematical constant, Pi is history, anecdotes, digits... Everything a real amateur has to master to not be Pi-tiful !
Here is the moment to test your knowledge about our friend Pi (by the way, If you have some small applets or javascript softs, do not hesitate to send them to me, I'll put them on this page !). This page is under construction, more stuff soon !

Preliminaries... What about... ?

Intimate questions...
Your relation with Pi is somewhat...
Hot ! Numerically aroused every second...
Sexual, you always liked circles and melons...
Volcanic, some arguments from time to time
Filrting, it has a so big power of seduction
Indifferent, no eye contact, no skin contact
Dirty, this constant is a cow pi !
Hey, what's the use of this survey, this guy is nuts !


Previous survey
Globally, pals, you're wise and fund of mathematics, let's see that :
Pi is for you...
A constant 61,3%
3 and a bit 12,6%
I don't give a damn about your question 11,74%
A part of a cow (well, it was a french survey, and in french, pi is a cow teat ! ok bad pun, especially in english...) 5,65%
A human madness 5,2%
Some thing useless 3,5%

Well, to my great relief, you're only a minority to see Pi as a useless thing, thank you for my website !

You go to my head ...

Some mean people might have claimed that my website is somewhat messy... I really don't know what they're talking about ;-) Yet, I have to admit that they might be right. A brillant proof by Alexandra Gibert who proposed me a staggering map of my website in flash Notice the clever symbolic role of the circle...
Link to the map (in french, click on the black square on the right)

The Pi-Day

The Pi-Day is the international day of Pi ! Each year on the 14th march (3-14, hohoho), all the people crazy about Pi meet and celebrate our favorite constant. Finally, there is a webpage about the pi-day on this website, go see it !

Some crazy videos about Pi

The great Pi/e debate... Huge !!

Good Manners !

Impossible to knock it back without a good camembert ! (for french amateurs)

Some anecdotes to follow

A big page of anecdotes about some famous mathematicians

And about our lovely constant.


In the tradition of the quizz introduced by the so cute Eve Andersson (Pi trivia game), here are two quizz to test your culture about Pi (and don't cheat, pi-rates !) :

The short Pizz ("Pi, well, what is it exactly ?")
(20 questions)

The big Pizz ("I'm a Pi master ")
(50 questions)

There is a hall of fame on both pages.

Do you really know the digits of Pi ?

Let me introduce yout to this funny applet by Daniel Morin. It tests your knowledge of the digits of Pi. The faster you type them, the higher your score on the "Morin scale" will be. Personnaly, I reached 1913, but it is easy to perform better. Try it ! (The applet might not appear on your browser, I don't know why, I'm sorry...)

Hey, here is the long-awaited memory hall of fame (the so-called Morin scale)

Of course, those who cheated don't have to be proud of themselves... I checked for the best scores.
Send me you own score !

Cyril Lalande 31242

What's the point in memorizing a lot of digits of Pi ? The difficulty of the test. Explore Pi is like strolling in a forest where all the trees are the same. The random aspect and the limited number of digits (10) make this test more difficult than memorizing a text. In addition, it is not any sequence of digits, but one of the most famous mathematical constant. These points will give you an idea about why some people want to memorize more than two digits. The fact that a text is easier to memorize because we can use of mnemonics has led astray the spirit of the test. People using mnemonics don't know a lot of digits but know a text allowing us to remember them. The fastness criterion introduced by Daniel Morin thus becomes interesting. By setting up the time required to remember the digits (for instance one minute for 200 or 300 digits), one must be possible to eliminate all people using mneonics without throwing out the others. One flaw of the Morin's game is the sensitivity to mistyping.

Fatmé All 12638 (~350 décimales) Very funny ! You just have to learn your lesson and have an illimited internet access.
Martin Oudet 4715
Hope I will be published because I' getting out of breath
Floric 4149 Very funny
Tavares Ribeiro 3490  
Daniel Morin 3462 (author of this applet !)
L. Potier 3280 I only know 100 for the moment...
Christophe Corroy 3262  
Sébastien Faivre 2907 Finally, statisticians have kind of a memory...
Ben 2191 Hope I'll do better soon...
Boris Gourévitch 1913 I never learnt digits, but after looking at them everyday...
Nicolas 1361 I make fun to learn them. I only know 40 digits, but I learn 2 new digits per day, I'll increase my score...
Christophe Blineau 1209 I'm sorry, I only know 40 digits, and I was not able to forget them !
Ade No 1024 I onlly know 31 digits: the number of digits stored in the Windows calculator. Because you have to admit that finding digits is the most difficult part of the challenge !
Moi 962 I did not cheat. Just lucky !!
Philippe Devailly 914 I'll be back when I will have a funny comment in mind
Urbain Leglandu dubbed Zorro 909 Classy, isnt'it ?
Luc Blain 590  
Fletch 516

When I was young, I had a calculator displaying Pi as 3.141592653589793264. I've learnt all these digits which I kept in memory. I've known the last digits are not correct for a while, but I Can't correct or extend my memory !

Stéphane Trainel 454 I did not cheat. Absolutely !
Bernardo (ex futur-ensai?en) 438 My rationale for my result is that it is 2.15 am. This game is pitiful though...
DecMoon 433 Ouah, 14 digits :-)) Thanks to my calculator. I get bored in class, so I learn Pi !
Youyou 425  
Loc Fevrier 355  
Anonymous 270 I did not cheat... Well, I did two trials though. But I'm new !!!
Sylvie Rondeau 243  
Anonymous 222 It is so difficult ! hurt my fingers !
Someone 183 I'm not very good...
The most simple mind 137 I'm overwhelmed
Not good at maths 100  
Thabor randor 41 If only my marks were as good as my score
SerialLooser 20  
Manu 6 I think it's enoug for an approximation
Zig 5  

So, be brave, send me your score !

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