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Boris Gourévitch
The world of Pi - V2.57
modif. 13/04/2013

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The Page for Ex-pi-rts!
(No moderation allowed!)

Ah, I wanted to do this for ages.... at last, the true lover of Pi will be discovered! On this page you will find some games and a great quiz on Pi.
Pi is not just a mathematical constant, it's a story, a few
anecdotes, some decimals.... Basically quite a few things that a future ex-pi-rt need to know if they don't want to receive a pie in the face!
This is the moment to test yourself, what do you actually know on our friend Pi?
If you don't actually know, then get comfortable, put your brain in gear and hopefully this should be a piece of pie:

(On this note if you have a few programs in Javascript or Applets, don't hesitate to send them to me, they will fill up this page!)

Note : I have not tested this page on all browsers, it is not impossible that a few lag on the applets or questionnaire....We're just going to say that a lot experimentation is to be done...

Preliminary... By the way?

It's time to vote! For you, Pi, is more:

A mathematical constant
A delicious pudding that can be filled with various fruits!
3 and a bit...
Something completely useless
Another human madness
That's a bit of a personal question!

Voting is closed, I will give you a new poll soon!

In all 230 voters (not bad)
All together, my friends, you are mostly wise and math people, judge yourself:
Pi, for you it's more...

A constant
3 and a bit...
That's a bit of a personal question! 11.74%
A delicious pudding that can be filled with various fruits! 5.65%
Another human madness
Something completly useless

Phew, at first glance, only the minority think that Pi is useless, good news for my site!

The Pi-Quiz

In the tradition of the quiz introduced by the cute Eve Andersson (Pi trivia game), here are two quizzes to test your culture on Pi:

 The Small Pi Quiz ("Pi, what's this thing?")
(20 questions)

  The Big Pi Quiz ("Pi, wait a minute, I think I know...")
(50 questions)

Again, there will be the best score table on the pages.

How well do you know the decimals of ?

Here is a funny applet created by Daniel Morin. It tests your knowledge of the decimals of Pi. The faster you type them, the higher your score on the "Morin Scale" will be. I personally got 1913, but it is possible to do much better. Try it! (it is possible that it doesn't work on netscape, firefox and even certain version of explorer, I don't know why sorry...)

Ah ah, and here is the much awaited hall of the greatest memories!
(The famous Morin Scale...)

Of course, those who cheated should be ashamed...

Floric 4149 Très amusant
Tavares Ribeiro 3490  
Daniel Morin 3462 (Le créateur de cet applet !)
L. Potier 3280 Je n'en connais que 100 pour l'instant...
Sébastien Faivre 2907 Comme quoi, les statisticiens ont de la mémoire... (mon cher Seb...)
Boris Gourévitch 1913 je n'en ai jamais appris, mais bah, à force de les contempler...
Nicolas Bonne 1361 Ca m'amuse de les apprendres, je n'en connais que 40 mais, j'en apprend 2 par jours, donc ?a va augmenter.
Muzio 1319 En trichant bravo pour les autres ;-))
Christophe Blineau 1209 Désolé, je n'en connais que quarantes et je n'ai pas réussi à les oublier !!!
Fletch 516

Quand j'étais môme, j'avais une calculette qui affichait pi comme 3.141592653589793264. J'ai appris tout ces numéros qui sont restés gravés dans ma mémoire (en anglais, car en français ça donne 3 14 106, je ne sais pas pourquoi). Je sais depuis belle lurette que les derniers chiffres ne sont pas corrects, mais je n'arrive pas à corriger ou étendre ma mémoire !

Stéphane Trainel 454 Même que je n'ai pas triché... tout à fait !
Youyou 425  
Anonyme 270 Même que je n'ai pas triché (enfin presque : j'ai fait deux essais) Mais bon, je débute !!!
Anonyme 222 Mais c'est très dur ! BOBO les doigts !
Le plus simple d'esprit 137 Je suis dépassé

Come on, a bit of courage, give me your score!

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